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No jargon. No run-around. Just marketing strategies that bring you more customers, and put more money in your pocket.


Bringing Real Marketing Back from the Dead

Real marketing is about knowing who you are, what you offer and communicating those messages clearly to the right people at the right time. To help you do that, we offer...

Marketing Strategies

We'll create a detailed step-by-step marketing plan for your business, that you and your team can execute.

Content Creation

We'll create viral video or text content for your social media profiles or website.

Marketing Services

We'll plan and execute a marketing strategy, taking 100% of the pressure off of you, so you can do what you're best at.

Marketing Courses

We'll teach you digital marketing so you can do it all on your own. Our courses are so easy, anyone can complete them and see results.

We're the New York City Marketing Agency that Helps You...


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get found on Google by people who are ready to buy, and are looking for your services. We've been doing SEO since Google first came out, and we've stayed ahead of the game, using out-of-the-box, time-tested strategies that work, and convert.

We'll explain the process in a simple, no bullshit way, so you know exactly what we're doing and why it works.


Public Relations

We cut our teeth working in some of Los Angeles' most powerful boutique PR firms.

Build credability and brand equity by positioning yourself as an expert in your industry; get name recognition; or just go on and say "hi, mom!".

Unlike other PR firms whose strategy is flat and only involves one-off media placements, our strategy plays one part in the whole. We'll leverage your media appearances on social media; boost your website in search engines; and capture the contact information from interested viewers for email marketing.


Email Marketing & Automation

Make money while you sleep and increase your sales by up to 300% with fully-automated email marketing campaigns customized to your business' unique needs.

This bleeding-edge technology is the latest and greatest marketing technique. It works for every type of business--you need to try it.



Discover a social media marketing strategy that goes beyond simply posting on social websites, and plays a strategic goal in your overall marketing plan.

We come up with out-of-the-box, innovative social media campaigns that turn browsers into followers; followers into buyers; and buyers into lifelong brand advocates. That's some scary return on investment!

Engage with new customers on the platforms they use most with

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Google Ads

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google is essential for any business hoping to reach new customers.

We have proven Facebook, Instagram and Google ad campaigns that work to bring in new customers without breaking the bank on your ad spend.


Content Marketing

We'll help you create highly engaging, shareable content for use on your website, social media and  advertisements.

A good content marketing plan goes beyond making "good enough" content for your social media channels.

It's about using content to create buzz, go viral, and explain your brand to new customers in a quick, consistent way.

Marlon Wiprud

Chief Social Media Strategist

Dan Sevigny

Chief Executive Officer

Yorrick Anderson

Chief Operations Officer

Ken Ng

Business Strategy Officer

Paul Gallagher "G"

Chief Content Officer

Morgan Sevigny

Business Development Officer

We work with all kinds of businesses. Here's a few...

Whether our clients are knocking people out like Oluwale Bamgbose, or helping disabled veterans like PAWS Assistance Dogs, they're doing what they do better than anyone else. Here's a few of the businesses we've worked with...

UFC Fighter Oluwale Bamgbose

We helped UFC fighter Oluwale Bamgbose get press and media attention for his appearance at UFC 212. The result: Oluwale was mentioned over 500 times by media outlets covering the event.

We also helped Oluwale with SEO and Facebook ads for his new MMA gym in Brooklyn, New York.

Dharma Yoga Center

Dharma Yoga Center is one of the most well known yoga teacher training schools in the world.

When they needed help bringing more yogis into their New York City studio. As it turned out, they didn't need more traffic to their website--users were already there, but they just weren't ready to buy yet.

We set up a system to collect the email addresses of their web visitors, so that even if they weren't ready to purchase right away, we could continue to follow up with them to sell Dharma Yoga's new student trial offer.

It worked! They're getting more new students than before, and staying in touch with potential students who visit their website at a fraction of what it used to cost.

PAWS Assistance Dogs

PAWS Assistance Dogs, a 5013C non-profit, needed help reaching new donors and re-engaging their current donor base. 

We helped them create a marketing strategy that their volunteers could use to grow their online presence.

We gave them guidelines and a step-by-step marketing plan for improving their visibility in search engines like google; increasing their online engagement on social media platforms; and increasing the number of donations they get from their existing donors with improved copywriting and a clearer website. 

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