3 CBD Experts Share Their Best Marketing Strategies

While business is booming and opportunities are everywhere in the CBD Industry, marketing for these types of businesses is no easy task. Regulations vary from state to state (and country to country)--and the regulatory landscape is constantly changing. While some cannabis businesses get left in the dust, others continue to grow exponentially. We spoke with some of the industry leaders to find out what's working.

​Mason Ghrannie
Vice President

We are a CBD company based out of Southern California, and we offer a wide selection of CBD Products, such as CBD Gummies, CBD Vape Oil, CBD Honey, and more. 

Our products are carefully formulated, and we've been able to improve the lives of thousands of people. SEO and Instagram influencer marketing are the most effective marketing methods for our business.

The keyword analytics for CBD in Google search are highly competitive, however ranking for these keywords can drive hundreds of thousands of clicks to our website. As a result, we are focusing on SEO as our main marketing method.

For SEO, we focus on 2 things: writing quality content that engages our store visitors, and earning backlinks from high traffic and niche relevant websites. 

Since our industry is highly regulated and we are unable to utilize Facebook ads and Google ads, we've completely given up on these forms of marketing. 

It has become a tough challenge finding outlets to market our business. SEO for our niche has become extremely competitive since it is the main source of marketing for most CBD companies.

We've had to become extremely creative with how we earn authority backlinks and utilize influencers in order to rank in Google and grow our social media pages

Marc Lewis
Executive Editor
Remedy Review

Remedy Review is a website focused on the health potential of hemp derivatives. We looked at the exploding CBD market and found limited medically-focused content. That's why we invested in medically-reviewed and evidence-based articles. We wanted to help people lead a conversation with their doctors.

Remedy Review relies on search data to help guide our content calendars. Of course we cover pressing issues, industry news, and products, but our goal is to provide good answers to common questions. Google allows us to identify where confusion exists, so we can help.

Social media is always tricky. It's the easiest way for us to have a direct conversation with people, but it's also hard to cut through the noise.

This space is growing faster than oversight. Our biggest challenge is presenting good, helpful information without overstepping existing science or creating false hope for people in need.

David Shiffman
Founder/Director of Marketing
Tillmans Tranquils

Our flagship product is our CBD mints and they are unlike any other mints/edibles on the market. We mint is more like an m&m or mentos with a hard candy shell and a super fresh peppermint center. Our unique process helps mask any bitter taste unlike other edible products in the market.

Instagram has been our #1 driver for our brand from day 1. Before we were even ready to open our doors to the public, we shared our branding and package design and we immediately started getting inquiries from retailers who wanted our product.

We've been laser focused on Instagram engagement and it's where we continue to spend our time.

One of our challenges right now is making sure our packaging fits all of the individual state requirements. Right now some states have more strict requirements when it comes to packaging. If we can design our packaging with those strict requirements in mind then we will hopefully not have any issues in the other states. It's an ever changing landscape of legalities and regulations right now, so keeping up to date with state and federal guidelines becomes a challenge. We have put together a team of really passionate individuals who help us stay on the path.

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