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In this short intro article, I'll answer common questions people have about Spooky Digital, including...

What does Spooky Digital do?

How can Spooky Digital help me grow my business?

Why is Spooky Digital the best choice for hiring a marketing agency?

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"...The Spooky Digital team was professional, smart, and most importantly, they got stuff done. I was thrilled by the work that they did and would love to partner with them again..."

"I hired Spooky Digital because I had a film coming out in theaters, and the film's official website was completely impossible to find on Google, no matter how many keywords you used.

The same was true of the all-important movie trailer. 

In an extremely short period of time, Spooky Digital produced incredible results - the film's website started coming up on the first page on Google, and the trailer was suddenly accessible, and viewed by thousands of people. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

They were creative and strategic in figuring out why the website and trailer were both completely buried. They did link clean-up, optimized the film's website, and optimized the trailer. They even had clever and unorthodox solutions for problems that were only tangentially related to SEO!

And they were always available to me for all the questions that came up along the way. The Spooky Digital team was professional, smart, and most importantly, they got stuff done. I was thrilled by the work that they did and would love to partner with them again."


"...highly professional and a pleasure to work with."

I highly recommend Spooky Digital.

I'm a Chiropractor in New Paltz NY. The first thing Spooky Digital had done for me was to produce a video for my website and Facebook page.

It was by far the BEST chiropractic practice video I had ever seen! I have gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback in regards to the video from both other chiropractors and patients. 

People were been blown away from it! It has definitely created greater attraction to my practice.

It worked! They have also been doing SEO work for me. All of a sudden I noticed we were getting all these new patients from the web.

I have gone from being virtually invisible to being ranked third in my category! This group is highly professional and a pleasure to work with.

We Offer FOUR LEVELS OF SERVICE to help grow your business with digital marketing...

Here's some of the services we offer...

Marketing Strategies

We'll create a detailed step-by-step marketing plan for your business, that you and your team can execute.

One-time payment.

Content Creation

We'll create viral video or copywriting for your social media profiles or website.

One time payment, per piece.

Marketing Services

We'll plan and execute a marketing strategy, taking 100% of the pressure off of you, so you can do what you're best at.

Monthly retainer payment.

Marketing Courses

We'll teach you digital marketing so you can do it all on your own. Our courses are so easy, anyone can complete them a‚Äčnd see results.

One-time payment per course.