6 Experts Share Their Predictions For New Technology in 2018

With the New Year around the corner, we wanted to take a look at new tech and how it is going to impact businesses and marketers in 2018.

It seems the speed at which technology is moving is increasing pace year on year, with 2017 holding quite a few highlights and 2018 promising to follow suit.

2017 saw continued advancements in new tech like Artificial Intelligence. Facial recognition technology is improving, new chatbots have been created for brands across the globe, and in more shocking news, an artificially intelligent robot called Sophia has been in the headlines after being awarded citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

Here is What the Experts Have to Say

With the scope of technology so broad, it is near impossible to be across it all. So what better way to gather insights than to reach out to experts across the country for their thoughts on what new technology business owners and marketers need to adopt or keep an eye on in 2018, as well as the major changes we can expect from new tech in 2018.

Our 6 experts cover everything from Virtual Reality to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, all the way through to Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currencies, advising you on how these technologies will impact business and what you need to get on top of to stay ahead.

New Technology to Watch in 2018

Name: Kevin Conner

Credentials: Founder and CEO of BroadbandSearch.

BroadbandSearch provide unique technology that helps customers choose a cable/ISP provider. We've become experts in technology trends as a result. 

New technology to adopt or keep an eye on in 2018?

For 2018 virtual reality is the most pressing tech we'll want to adopt. The PS4 (which already has some of the world's cheapest VR access) will drop in price, and as a result, we'll see even cheaper access to VR. This is exactly what happened with the PS3 and Blu-ray.

Google Daydream will also be promising as it expands its audience. Mobile-friendly content will become VR friendly content for every website out there.

Predictions for 2018?

HBO already released a Westworld VR experience. It is very possible for them to release another with the new season, or even hook Game of Thrones viewers with something new.

In these early stages of new VR technology hype, a minimal effort can bring maximum gains. Do not neglect the possibilities of VR. Early adopters are sure to prosper. 

Name: Kathryn M. Kosmides

Credentials: Director of Marketing at SummitSync in New York City. 

New technology to adopt or keep an eye on in 2018?

This coming year is about adopting new technologies that help to quantify marketing spend and leaving the flashy technology to the wayside until the basics are solved. We've even pivoted our entire company to focus on the need of marketer's to measure and maximize their return on events.

Quantifying marketing spend continues to be a problem for companies of every size and it, along with technology to solve advertising fraud, will be at the top of many marketer's minds going into the new year.

Predictions for 2018?

The sexy technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence will challenge the roles of average employees while bolstering high-performing team members - especially in roles like sales and marketing. We're now able to send personalized messages at scale with ease, so I hope the entire industry steps up and focuses on providing real value instead of inundating people with ads and brand-first messaging.

Name: Caroline Buck

Credentials: Director of Product Marketing at Wizeline

Wizeline is a software development and product company in San Francisco which was recently featured in TechCrunch. Prior to Wizeline, Caroline worked in Product Marketing at Yahoo. 

New technology to adopt or keep an eye on in 2018?

I think we will see continued investment in and adoption of chatbots and other conversational UIs. Businesses should adopt a chatbot that works for their specific business objectives, with the common goals being round-the-clock customer support with faster resolution time for maximum efficiency.

Chatbots can engage where a business’ users are - web, Facebook, mobile, Alexa, etc. - through text or voice. Customers expect a digital support experience wherever they go, and businesses will need to integrate chatbots into their solutions to keep them engaged and happy.

Predictions for 2018?

I think we will see improvements in how “human” it feels to converse with a chatbot or other conversational UIs. It’s still early to tell what role chatbots will play in people’s lives, as most bots today are fairly constrained in what they can do well.

In the year or so ahead, we expect there will be improvement in language processing and conversation flows that will make bots feel more natural while remaining efficient. Forrester predicts that in 2018, businesses will realize that AI requires work to not just launch, but to maintain and improve for true integration into their strategy for customer satisfaction. 

Businesses and marketers will be able to optimize their time and resources, thereby enabling their customers to do the same while using their services. It’s worth saying that bots will not be able to replace humans by any means, but there is a massive opportunity for bots to make our lives better by enabling us to do more with our time. 

Name: Matt Gorsuch

Credentials: Targeted data provider and marketing strategist for building materials suppliers.


New technology to adopt or keep an eye on in 2018?

Artificial Intelligence.

Predictions for 2018?

Capability to identify actual people - by name, email, address, social media, phone number - who are actively in market for whatever it is you're selling, and target your marketing spend to just those people, slashing marketing cost.

2018 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In the marketing world, look for People Based Marketing to move from early adoption towards wider mainstream use. What is “People Based” marketing? The short answer is that this is Data Driven Targeting at scale: A computer takes all the data from search engines and social media sites, and using machine learning software, combines it to identify patterns and predict consumer buying behavior. By now we’re all used to companies using their own in-house data to present related offers, or advertisers using our browser behavior to re-target us with related ads. What’s different now is that exchange agreements allow for data sharing and pattern identification to be conducted across the entire internet. What’s most interesting to us as marketers is that the problem of “identity” has been solved. As consumers we are no longer anonymous. We have the technology to identify by name, email, social media profile, and mailing address, precisely those people actively looking to buy what we’re selling. We are no longer limited to demographics and keywords to improve our targeting. We can focus our resources on only our highest quality prospects, without spending money broadly advertising to anyone not actively in the market for our product. The savings can be significant: Using this data we have seen up to a 90% decrease in CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) in many markets.

Name: Kristine Neil

Credentials: Owner & Creative Director, Markon Brands

New technology to adopt or keep an eye on in 2018?

Businesses should keep their eyes on voice search and the devices that make it possible. Voice search truly changes how consumers get information and ultimately how they find out if your business has the product or service they need.

Predictions for 2018?

The ability for voice searches, across products, to recall accurate, timely information is only improving and as it does, its use will continue to increase. This begins to erase the idea of competing to reach page one of Google and instead pits brands in a race to have the best ready-made answer to possible search queries. It’s all about embedding timely, comprehensive information about their business online so that Siri or Alexa can use that information to fulfill their mission of answering their user’s question.

Name: David Peterson

Credentials: Head of Marketing at The Bee Token. Founder & CEO of ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.com 

New technology to adopt or keep an eye on in 2018?

Mobile social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram will continue to be huge in 2018. We've seen huge engagement through our Instagram channel, and will continue to spend more advertising dollars on mobile in 2018. In addition, we've seen a huge push towards videos on Facebook, a video will get us anywhere from 10-20x the engagement and views as a picture of the same product would have. So I would recommend moving towards video if you haven't done so already.

Predictions for 2018?

As far as major changes I see blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as having a major impact on businesses and marketing this coming year. I believe these new technologies will gain more mainstream adoption in 2018 and we will see many businesses start either accepting cryptocurrency in one form or another, or implementing blockchain technology into their own existing business models.

Getting Ahead of Tech in 2018

While it's tempting to jump onto all the latest tech, it is most important to realize that the basics are always your bread and butter. If you haven't got the foundations of your marketing and business plan solid, then no new technology is going to change the fate of your business. 

Adopting new technology takes time and financial investment. Look carefully for platforms that will compliment your businesses marketing activities, adopt when it is practical and ensure that you work with partners who can advise you on where best to invest your time and budget. 

Our team can work with you to analyze your business and advise on what is going to work best for you, not just what is on trend. Contact us today on 917-633-6518 to see how we can help.
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