This Small Shop Used Influencers to Grow Their Business (Here’s How)

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My name is Dan, and I'm the CEO at Spooky Digital.

In this short Instagram influencer marketing guide, I'll show you exactly how we used the popular social media platform to help one New York City Christmas tree retailer grow their business and get new customers.

You'll learn every step it takes to set up a successful Instagram influencer marketing campaign, so you can apply this same method to your business. I'll show you everything you need to know, including one secret trick for making Instagram marketing super easy that I haven't told anyone until now. Make sure to read all the way through to the end to catch that!

How to Sell Products & Services with Instagram Influencers

In this short Instagram marketing guide, you'll learn everything you need to know to start making money with Instagram celebrities & influencers, including...

How to Find the right Influencers.

Learn how to find influencers in your niche, who have direct access to the kind of people who are ready to buy your product or service right now.

How to track your IG marketing results.

Learn how to track your Instagram influencer marketing efforts, so you know how much money your campaign is making.

How to automate parts of the process.

Learn my secret techniques for automating part of the Instagram influencer marketing process. These time-saving hacks are priceless!


I tried Influencer marketing before, but it never worked...

I went as far as hiring an Instagram influencer marketing agency, using several apps, and even paying for access to an influencer network.

It wasn't until Dan came along that things really kicked off!  He and his team quickly set me up with a campaign and I couldn't be happier with the results: over $15,000 in 30 days last year! Our network is still growing, so we reach even more new customers every year. It's awesome.

Morgan S. 

CHRISTMAS TREE BROOKLYN at 184 Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238 (347) 474-0079 

Step 1: Set Up Your Instagram Profile.

The ability to track the revenue from your Instagram influencer marketing campaign is vital to its success. You need to know how much money you're getting from your efforts to make sure that you're making more than you're spending on those relationships. 

There's a number of ways you can accomplish this. We used Google Analytics e-Commerce tracking with the Christmas tree business, but you can also use an Instagram-only coupon code. Here's how each of those options work...

Google Analytics e-Commerce Tracking (Advanced)

Setting up e-Commerce tracking in Google Analytics first requires that you have basic Google Analytics tracking installed. You can learn how to do that here.

Some e-Commerce platforms have plugins that make adding Google Analytics e-Commerce tracking easy. WooCommerce has a plugin for it, as does Magento

If you want to add this feature manually, you can learn how to do that on the Google Analytics Support site.

Coupon Code Tracking (Easy and Beginner-Friendly)

e-Commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Wix, 3dcart, Big Cartel, Squarespace and LemonStand, to name a few all have coupon code functionality built in. 

Create a coupon code that's only available on your Instagram profile and through your Instagram influencers. You can track how many purchases come through that code, and in some cases, you can even see exactly how much revenue the code has generated.

Make sure to add the code in your IG profile description, with a strong call to action. For example, you could write "Use coupon code LOVE for 10% off your next order!"

Step 2: Decide What Kind of Influencers You Want.

Next, we'll want to determine what kind of influencers you want to target.

One common mistake many business owners make is that they go after influencers who are intentionally trying to be influencers.

They quickly find out that some of those people pad their accounts with fake followers and fake engagement, and are hardly influencing anyone at all. 

Influencer marketing agencies and influencer apps tend to attract people who are out there trying to make money advertising products and services. Not only are their posts less valuable because their fanbase is bombarded with ads all the time, they're also likely to be padding their follower count.

What kind of audience are you trying to reach? What are their interests?

Go off the beaten path and seek out accounts that your current customers might follow to find the real influencers. You can try asking your existing customers what kind of content they look at on Instagram, and what their favorite accounts are.

For the Christmas tree business, we decided to seek out "Mom Bloggers" in the New York City area. These ladies have a huge social media following, and as parents, are likely to be friends with other parents in the area. We were able to find a large list of "Mom Bloggers" on the CISION media database. 

The key takeaway here is that you should be creative. The perfect audience for your business is out there. With a little research, you'll discover the right influencer who can reach them.

Step 3: Reach out to Influencers

Decide how you want to compensate your influencers. Offer free product / service (must be desirable); offer money; offer affiliate commissions using a unique coupon code.

Craft your pitch. Keep it clear, concise, and make sure it's an attractive offer. Here's a real example...

This style of email works like magic! Especially if you have a compelling offer. Make sure to keep track of who responds to your offer in an excel spreadsheet, and build your list of influencers over time. You never know when you might need them again.

Here's some of the awesome results!

These micro-influencers reached the perfect audience for this small local business. Remember, it's not always about the number of followers an account has--it's whether or not those followers are likely to buy what you're selling, and how engaged they are with the account you're targeting!

The Time-Saving Influencer Outreach Secret...

The secret to saving time and effort when reaching out to influencers is automation. You can use tools like ActiveCampaign to bulk email a large number of influencers quickly. You can find influencers to email on media databases like CISION or trend spotting services like Buzzsumo.

I'll go into more detail on these methods if there's interest. If you want to know more, or you want to talk to Spooky Digital about growing your business with influencer marketing, drop me a line in the comments below!

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