Marketing Jobs in NYC (Apply Now!)

Hi there, 

My name is Dan and I'm the CEO of Spooky Digital. I'm glad you're considering a career in marketing and am excited to show you all of the exciting opportunities we have here at our digital marketing agency.

Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional looking for a change of pace by entering the agency world, or you're fresh out of college, we've got something for you!

We're very selective about who we bring on to the team. Skills as a marketer can always improve with experience (I've been in the game since 2008 and am constantly learning new things).

We're looking for marketing professionals who are...

Self motivated to learn.

You eat, sleep and breathe marketing.

You're less interested in what's happening with the Kardashians and more interested in the science of persuasion.

In your off time, you're likely to be listening to self-improvement podcasts, or learning new marketing skills to apply on the job.


We don't care if you mess up. Without failure, we can't optimize for success.

That said, we need people on our team who are honest and can admit mistakes. The important thing is that you're capable of learning and growing from them.


Once you have your project, you're good to go. You need little instruction and can make minor decisions on your own.

When you're finished with that project, you jump straight to the next thing. You love what you do, so the work is never tiring.

We work HARD and FAST, so we need someone who can keep up and stay motivated.

Interested in CHANGING the world

There's enough "empty suits" out there marketing garbage products people don't need.

We focus on marketing products and services that help people live happier, healthier, exciting lives. 

We love these things and our employees do too.


If you're fresh out of college and looking to start a career in digital marketing, you're in the right place! We've got a variety of jobs that are perfect for recent graduates, and one of the greatest joys we have as experienced marketers is teaching the next generation. If you're looking for somewhere you can quickly grow your marketing tool set and learn from experienced pros, we've got you covered. 

Entry level marketing jobs at Spooky Digital include...

Junior Search Engine Optimization Expert / SEO Associate jobs:

- SEO Associate
- Link Building
- Technical SEO (HTML / WordPress)

Copywriter / Copywriting for sales and marketing jobs:

- Landing page copywriting
- Email copywriting
- Web copywriting

Email Marketing jobs:

- Email Automation
- Bulk email
- Email newsletter management