Addiction Treatment Marketing


A NOTE from Dan Sevigny, CEO at Spooky Digital...

Hi there, 

My name is Dan and I'm the CEO here at Spooky Digital.

In this short guide to addiction treatment marketing, I'm going to show you all of the available marketing methods we can use to promote and grow your recovery business.

Make sure you read everything through to the end, because I'm including all of my best marketing tactics and information for addiction treatment programs--which is available nowhere else and for the first time now. 

I promise to hold nothing back, and in turn, I hope you'll come to my agency for help when you're ready to grow your business with marketing!

I've been helping addiction treatment programs fill beds, and reach new clients since 2008. I started out doing public relations and internet marketing for drug rehab centers, including: KLEAN, Promises, and Visions Teen, among others.

Throughout my career, I've worked on marketing campaigns for drug rehabs, sober living homes, detox centers, sober companion services, intensive outpatient programs, DBT therapists, addiction psychologists, addiction psychiatrists, and recovery organizations.

Addiction recovery is an issue near and dear to my heart...I struggled with addiction for a very long time before I got out of it. During that time, I attended every type of addiction treatment (and lockdown facility) one could imagine.

I saw the good, the bad and the ugly of the addiction treatment industry. As a curious marketer, I was always paying attention to what each program did to fill beds with new clients. When I later started working in marketing for addiction, the information I gathered as a consumer was incredibly useful.

here's what i discovered OVER my lifetime as a consumer and marketer of recovery programs...

About Detox, Rehab, Sober Living, Sober Companions...

Most rehabs, sober living homes, sober companion services, and detox centers rely on referrals as their primary source of new business.

Most rehabs, sober living homes, sober companion services, and detox centers use search marketing (Google Adwords and SEO). Very few are doing it correctly.

Most rehabs, sober living homes, sober companion services and detox centers DO NOT use Facebook ads to promote their facilities.

Most addiction treatment centers and recovery services DO NOT have a sales funnel set up for turning visitors into leads, leads into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into fanatics.

Most addiction recovery centers and recovery services DO NOT use advanced marketing methods like evergreen webinars and content marketing to bring in new leads.

Most addiction recovery centers and recovery services DO NOT have a website that is optimized for conversions.

About Treatment Consumers & Their Families...

Moms often play a key role in choosing, and paying for addiction treatment services.

Educating moms on how to spot signs of addiction, and what to do if they need help should be a top priority for every addiction treatment program.

If you're the one that gives them free information, they'll come to you first when they need (or can recommend) your services.

The biggest fear about addiction for parents is that some day they'll be going about their business when they receive "that" phone call (stating that their son/daughter is dead/hospitalized/jailed).

The biggest fear about recovery for the recovering individual is loss of freedom, lack of fun, and emotional discomfort.

Both of these fears must be addressed in sales copy and marketing outreach.

Addiction sufferers and their families often have first contact with professionals outside of the addiction industry.

Lawyers, doctors and therapists are more likely to be the first professional an addiction sufferer encounters.

Developing relationships with these types of professionals in your area is critical to establishing a flow of regular referrals.

The Addiction Recovery Marketing Sales Funnel

Every business should have a well-oiled process for finding and closing new business. This is called a sales funnel.

Having a funnel process set up makes the difference between a business that's in control of it's revenue flow and one that's leaving everything up to chance. If you plan to stay in business, and make money, you need a sales funnel.

There are five stages a client can go through when interacting with your business:

1) A consumer who is unaware of your services
2) A lead who has discovered your services.
3) A prospect who is considering your services.
4) A customer who has purchased your services.
5) A super fan who promotes your services.

Each step of the sales funnel utilizes unique marketing methods to reach potential clients with the right message at the right time, helping them go further down the funnel. The ultimate goal is to turn those who were unaware into customers, and eventually super fans who will sing your praises everywhere they go.

Sales funnel steps:


In the first stage of the sales funnel, you'll want to teach people about addiction. 

Most people in need of addiction services don't even know that such services exist.

The critical first step in earning a lead's trust is to give them honest, and eye-opening information about the addiction recovery process.

Helping leads get an understanding of what the process looks like, and providing them with a road map to recovery will make you the first person they call when they're in need of help.

Marketing methods used: Facebook Ads, Public Relations, Public Speaking & Event Management, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Continue to build a relationship with the lead and show that you're an expert in the addiction recovery industry by providing them with valuable content.

People that are considering recovery options are in need of lots of information. 

Working in the recovery industry, it's easy to take the complexity of the whole recovery process for granted.

Leads that are at the initial stages of the sales funnel will need lots of help and information to make the right choice.

Marketing methods used: Email Marketing & Automation, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing.


If you don't already have one, you'll need to develop a system for vetting new leads.

When you're spending thousands--or in some cases, tens of thousands--of dollars per month marketing your addiction recovery program, it makes sense that you'd want your dollar to go a long way.

To make sure you make the most of your marketing spend, you'll want a system for collecting and vetting leads. If you don't have some kind of system, it's easy to drop the ball or fail to respond quickly enough.

Remember, when someone is looking for an addiction related service, it is ALWAYS an emergency. If you don't pick up, someone else will.

- Use to allow potential leads to book tours and consultations.

- Use a phone answering service like AnswerFirst to qualify leads that call.

- Use an email automaton system and contact relationship manager like ActiveCampaign to qualify leads via email.

Marketing methods used: conversion optimization, landing pages, web copy, sales copy, copywriting, phone sales.


The best way to turn clients into your biggest word of mouth marketing advocates is to provide the highest level of care possible.

When you're honest, transparent, and truly care for those you help, it shows.

Once you've saved some lives, and have stories to tell, you'll need to start promoting them.

Turn your customer success stories into your most powerful marketing materials.

Ask your clients who have dramatic success stories if they'd be willing to share their experience on camera to help others.

If you have fears that this sort of promotion is unethical, don't. There are people out there who need to hear that recovery is possible! This is a very effective way to spread that message.

Marketing methods used: Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook Ads.

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