How to use PR, Social media and seo to reach new customers and grow your business.

If you're looking for a PR strategy that works, look no further.

The strategy you're about to learn is the same one we use to media appearances and new customers for our clients and anyone, regardless of past experience, can use it successfully.

The truth is, PR is not that hard.

I'll show you exactly what it takes to come up with winning PR strategies, and how to execute those strategies yourself to reach new customers and grow your business.

By the end of this article, you'll be able to do PR on your own--or you can always hire us to help you out! Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments section at the end!

- Dan Sevigny
CEO at Spooky Digital

In this short article, you'll learn...

  • How most PR firms FAIL in the digital age.
  • How to come up with a PR campaign that actually works.
  • How PR actually works--and how, if you want, you can even do it yourself and get great results.

businesses must adapt, or die, in the new age of press and public relations.

TV, print and radio are all great ways to promote and grow your business--but if those mediums aren't part of a bigger strategy, and if that strategy doesn't also include new media and search engines--you're throwing your money away hand over fist!

My name is Dan Sevigny and I'm the CEO here at Spooky Digital.

When I started my career working for boutique Los Angeles PR firms back in 2008, new media had barely arrived on the scene. Our client-base, which ranged from celebrity doctors to tech start-ups (and just about everything in between), hired us because they wanted to reach more customers and grow their business through media appearances.

My job, as the kid who understood the internet, was to find a way to include social media and search engine optimization as part of the overall PR strategy for our clients. This was a completely new concept at the time, and we had to figure out everything for ourselves. We succeeded in being among the first to make it work, and quickly became known around town as the tech-friendly PR firm.

When you hired our agency, you didn't just get PR, SEO or social media marketing. You got a truly integrated strategy, where each individual marketing method helped magnify the results of the others.

  • With SEO, we captured all of the search traffic driven by media appearances and turned those appearances into actual sales.
  • With PR, we provided our clients with social proof and authority that made visitors from social media and SEO comfortable buying from them, even if they'd never heard their name before.
  • With social media marketing, we built communities that turned website visitors (who came in through media appearances and SEO) into "true fans" that would buy anything our clients put out.

These same tried and true methods still work today, but the media landscape continues to evolve at an increasingly faster rate.

To avoid failing or falling behind some tech-savvy competitor, it's now more important than ever to have a holistic PR strategy that works and includes all aspects of media--both new and old.

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