Here's How Successful Studios & Gyms
Bring in New Students (Guide)

Turning website visitors into new students is hard.

The fact is that a "good" online conversion rate is between 3-5%.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that even on the best day, 95% of your website traffic is NOT ready to buy.

If you don't capture their information to talk to them again, most of those visitors to your website will never come back again.

Don't get us wrong; it's essential to be online, to have a website where that 5% can find you and buy. But your website should be used as a lead generation tool as well as a place to purchase.

Let's review the function of your website. Most people believe that they have to have a whizz-bang website with killer imagery and loads of information.


If you're an online shop or an online magazine this may be true, but if you're a yoga studio, health center, fitness studio, Pilates studio, dance studio or gym with a brick-and-mortar location, the goal of your website isn't to keep people on your website--it must be to capture their information and bring them into your location. This does not happen overnight. 

So what is the solution, you ask? 


Email may be the marketing tool most underrated by studio owners. With all of these newer and sexier marketing trends to keep up with, you can be forgiven for forgetting about the power of a humble email. For the 40 odd years, email has been in wide use; it has continued to be a cheap, yet effective marketing channel. An email campaign produces a great return on investment at an average of $38 for every $1 spent.

Greater Audience Engagement

Did you know that In 2017, the number of worldwide email users topped 3.7 billion?

That's roughly half the world's population! Compare this to social media, the most hyped marketing tool of today, and the comparative reach and ROI is not all that exciting. As of Q3 2017, there were 2.07 Billion monthly active users on Facebook and 330 Million users on Twitter.

For an email list to exist, your target audience has had to at some point 'opt in' to your list. This means they have a familiarity with your brand; they have given you permission to market to them!

Looking at the statistics, the average click-through rate on email is 3% vs 0.5% on Twitter. That means email is 60 times more likely to be seen by your students. Email is 40% more effective at student acquisition, and in the right hands, it has far greater measurement capabilities (such as tracking open rates, click-throughs, bounces, forwards, social share and much more).

Tracking all of this helps you to improve your strategy every time you communicate with your email list.


60X more
likely to be seen

40% more effective
at acquiring new studentS


With such small online conversion rates, capturing email addresses is far more effective than trying to convert people on the first online interaction. The initial opt-in collects web traffic that would have never visited again and it gives you an opportunity to make them take an action right away; giving you their information.

here's how it works...

Step 1 - Build Your List

Building your list is actually quite simple. Give an offer to the people who visit your website in return for their personal information (like their email and phone number).

This 'opt in' form can be created on a page on your website and will encourage people to leave their information in exchange for your offer; such as a 1 week paid trial at your studio.


PRO TIP: Opt-in forms that are placed on the homepage as the main feature of the page receive up to 600% more new student leads than those placed on a sub-page. Some studio owners we speak to have reservations about setting things up this way. "What about our existing customers, or people who just want to browse information on the site?" We understand where they're coming from, but the fact is, your existing customers know where to find the schedule and if your site isn't a lead generation tool first, then what's the point of having it in the first place? It's still possible to convey everything you need to convey about your brand (and in fact, you should!) while having the opt-in form placed on the homepage.

Step 2 - Email Your List

As you gather email addresses, you can set up automated emails to go out to these people. We like to use ActiveCampaign for email automation series, but you can use your email automation software of choice.

Options worth checking out include: Activecampaign, Hubspot, Ontraport, GeResponse, Drip, Convertkit, Aweber, or similar.

The first email will welcome them to your mailing list and give them their free pass. If they come in, you can automate emails to thank them for their business and encourage them to continue attending your studio.

If they do not come in, you can email them to remind them of the offer. These emails are designed to keep following up with them until they become a student or express that they are no longer interested.


Step 3 - Track Results

Email campaigns are golden as they allow you to see how many people open your emails, how many click through to your offer and how many pull out last minute.

Analyzing and optimizing your campaigns is key to improving your conversion results over time. This step may seem overwhelming but the team at Spooky Digital are experts on email optimization, should you need the help.


Step 4 - Repeat

The key to building a strong email list is continually adding new emails and consistently building the relationship (and conversion). Your chances of conversion increase with every email sent. These emails build a relationship with your student and unconsciously builds your brand credibility as you become more familiar to them. Thus they become more likely to buy from you.

With the most significant ROI in the marketing mix, regardless of industry, it is worth reviewing your email strategy today!

Contact the team at Spooky Digital to get ahead with this simple yet super effective strategy.

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