7 Yoga Studio Owners Share Their Best Marketing Ideas

When it comes to marketing, not all tactics work for all industries. There are a variety of factors, from the audience to budget restrictions and offering that will influence which strategies are going to get the highest results for your business.

With roughly 36 million American's practising yoga, it has never been more popular, and studio competition has never been more fierce.

As with any competitive industry, marketing is essential to making your studio stand out and guaranteeing your loyal customers continue to return. 




Community Weigh In

Our team at Spooky Digital are experts in yoga studio marketing, we help studios to grow their brand, improve visibility and most importantly, increase revenue and ROI for their marketing efforts. We provide clients with insight on how to market their yoga teacher training and get the most out of their investments. But who really wants to hear us bang on about how we can help?

The Yoga community is large and united, with similar experiences that can be learned from when it comes to what has and has not worked in their marketing efforts.

For the most part, the studio's agree that social and email marketing are the most powerful tools in a yoga studios marketing arsenal, while print mediums have dropped in popularity due to the low and hard to track ROI.

Enough from me, here are our yoga studio representative with more on what is working for them:

Yoga Studio Marketing Ideas That Works

Name: Gretchen Lightfoot

Studio: Goorus Yoga Studio in Pacific Palisades, CA

Goorus Yoga Studio has 40+ yoga and fitness classes each week, as well as weekend workshops and teacher trainings.

What marketing methods are working best for you right now?  

Our best marketing methods are:

  1. LA Yoga Magazine
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. NextDoor

We are fortunate to have LA Yoga Magazine in our community and I frequently submit event listings to them which get published in the hard copy of the magazine or in their weekly email blast. They gave us a really nice spread when we opened the studio and recently used our space for a location shoot where we received credit as a contributor. We've just started experimenting with paid advertisements for our teacher trainings and a few select events, and we are excited to see what unfolds.

Facebook and Instagram are helpful because of their reach into neighboring communities and beyond. I primarily handle all of the studio's marketing and I try to "friend" as many of our clients as I can so that we can keep them in the loop regarding schedule changes, upcoming workshops, and the like. Likewise, I follow many of our clients on Instagram as well as strategic partners or potential partners. Following and friending are just the first step, however; interaction is crucial. I typically post daily, but occasionally experiment with downtime (3-4 days at most). We have dabbled in paid ads on Facebook on several occasions and will continue to do so as our budget grows.

NextDoor is a social media environment much like Facebook, but it restricts your interactions to your immediate neighbors. I frequently post our events and class announcements there, but have also created a special "Yoga in the Palisades" group where I can have more of a regular dialogue with our yogi friends in the neighborhood. This has been helpful especially when marketing our beginning and kids yoga events.

What methods did you give up on?

While I still use Twitter and Yelp, they haven't proved as fruitful for our marketing at Goorus. We are slowly starting to use Google+ a bit more and are taking a "wait and see" attitude there.

Name: Anita Perry

Studio: YogaAnita

YogaAnita provides yoga instruction in private sessions, group sessions, schools, and corporate environments. The business is active in community events, and is available to support community causes.

What marketing methods are working best for you right now?

The best form of marketing is word of mouth. I like to cultivate and retain as many of my students as I can, and my efforts extend to reaching out personally through newsletters and emails, I solicit suggestions from the students and always remind them that the class is for them, and anything I can do to help I am there for them.

The second best form of marketing I use is social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The third form of marketing is keeping my website up to date and writing relevant blog posts on asana and reflection pertaining to a yoga lifestyle. I have also written a book (Yogaminute) to help people not within my local area learn about the advantages of incorporating a yoga practice into their lives.

What methods did you give up on?

When I was first starting out, I gave away my services for free and had many promotions to earn free classes. Through I will still be available for community causes, I realized that free services does not attract committed students; only good, honest customer service will show customers that you care. 

Name: Nathania Stambouli

Studio: SoulPlay Yoga

SoulPlay Yoga are in the business of providing high quality, extremely varied yoga classes. Where many Los Angeles based studios have a specialty like Vinyasa Flow classes primarily, they specialize in offering a wide range of classes including kids' yoga, restorative, slow deep stretch, BandzYoga (yoga with resistance bands), vinyasa flow, yoga for kids with special needs, therapeutic yoga for injury rehabilitation and more.

What marketing methods are working best for you right now? 

Marketing methods that are working best for us right now are offering a significant discount to our Groupon members who wish to stay on as full-priced customers in the future - it's working well in converting members who would otherwise just jump from Groupon to Groupon. We are offering all of our members 2 free guest passes to bring friends who have never been here for free. Once those guests come in, we send them an email with a special discount off of our 2-week unlimited trial which is working well to get them signed up for that offer. Word of mouth tends to be our best marketer! We offer an amazing experience to our members on-site - create a totally non-pretentious place to practice and get to know our members personally - all of those things make it so they refer their friends and family without hesitation.

What methods did you give up on? 

We are doing away with magazine advertising like print ads in yoga-related publications - there's just no bang for the buck. We are also doing away with spending hundreds on Facebook and Instagram ads that get a lot of clicks but very little follow-through. 

Name: Kelly Kostecki, Owner

Studio: Om On Yoga

Om On Yoga is a yoga studio and fitness boutique located in Richmond Virginia.  We offer vinyasa style yoga classes from the beginner to the advanced student, as well as, in-depth workshops, special events, and 200 & 300 Hour Teacher Training.  We also handcraft yoga retreat experiences around the globe, pulling together students both near and far.  Lastly, we run a full fitness boutique that offers the area's most exclusive selection of fitness athleisure apparel, eco-friendly gifts, beauty products, and accessories.  These are also sold online at www.shopomon.com.

Our Mission is to empower individuals to aspire to an even greater life for themselves through the transformational power of yoga.  

What marketing methods are working best for you right now?

Currently, we have a multifaceted marketing approach including an online focus where we tailor Google advertisements and SEO to reach our target clients.  In addition, we have a comprehensive content strategy that includes social media where we are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as, an online blog and email marketing.  We round that out with personal touches through in-store promotion and printed media.  

What methods did you give up on?

We have let most magazine advertisements go along with our focus on Twitter.  Return on investment in these areas was simply not where we needed it to be and we truly believe in maximizing and honing our efforts.  We strive to concentrate on what makes the most impact in peoples' lives, which we believe is empowering individuals to lead a more balanced life through yoga and wellness. 

Name: Lauren Hanna

Studio: Sonic Yoga

Sonic Yoga is a 5 star Google rated studio based in NYC. They have just celebrated their 16 year anniversary.

What marketing methods are working best for you right now?

Our marketing efforts include Google AdWords & FB advertising as well as our Sandwich Board postcards and word of mouth!

What methods did you give up on?

We gave up on print advertising and yelp.

Name: Cara Bradley

Studio: Verge BodyMind

Verge BodyMind is a yoga and meditation center in suburban Philadelphia. We’ve been in business for over 13 years. We offer weekly yoga and fitness classes, workshops, yoga teacher training, retreats, and meditation series.

What marketing methods are working best for you right now?

Mass emails are working best. But we are very intentional about what we send.

A. We send content-based emails every Sunday evening. They can include short blog posts, videos, podcasts and other helpful information along with a list of our upcoming programs. Twice a month these Sunday emails are sent to our full email list and twice a month they go only to students active for the past two years.

B. During the week we will send a targeted email to a smaller group of students based on a specific workshop or program that is coming up.

What methods did you give up on?

We gave up on print advertising a few years ago.

Name: Ajita Patel, Owner

Studio: Sanctuary Wellness Center and Yoga Studio

The Sanctuary is a complete holistic wellness center and yoga studio based in Tustin California. In addition to daily yoga classes taught by certified yoga teachers and yoga therapists, the center offers Ayurvedic consults and Pancha Karma therapies in its Ayurveda Clinic as well as massage and therapeutic body treatments from all eastern and western traditions in its SPA.

What marketing methods are working best for you right now?

Positive word-of-mouth and Yelp reviews are our most effective customer acquisition tools.  We have also found postings on the social media platform Meetup to be effective to build our awareness and drive customers to our studio.  We advertise on Facebook and Instagram as well but unless significant budget is put behind paid social media campaigns, they do not provide the same results as other channels.  Nevertheless, organic social media campaigns such as informative postings of our yoga teachers on these social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) bring awareness to their knowledge and the quality of yoga classes they teach at our studio which build loyalty of our current students while further promoting word-of-mouth.

What methods did you give up on?

Direct mail, using coupon discount services like Groupon. The return on investment of these marketing methods was very low.




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What's most important is to realize that every business is unique and you should work with an agency that can look at your business and create a plan that works for you.

Here at Spooky Digital, we specialize in marketing for the fitness, martial arts, and yoga industries. We can show you how to increase your marketing ROI and achieve these results fast. Contact us today on 917-633-6518 to see how we can help, or visit our website to learn more about Yoga marketing.

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